Are you Emotionally Intelligent? Congratulations!, MEIT, The Mobile Emotional Intelligence Test, is an interactive applicattion which enables us to evaluate, in a simple and friendly manner, your capacity to perceive, understand and manage your own, and external, emotions.

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PicFeel is the first social network to share and locate emotions by using pictures. Just to name some features, you will be able to create your own world map of emotions, add emotions to your pictures and obtain paths to places where people feels something interesting.

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Emotional Apps is the result of a dream and we do not want to be the only ones who enjoy to see our dreams come true. So if you have an idea to develop a mobile application, we invite you to let us know and together we can make it happen. Send us now your proposal here.

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MEIT. Mobile Emotional Intelligence Test.

MEIT is based on the most empirically supported Emotional Intelligence model (Four Branch Model; Mayer-Salovey). Answers of more than 1,000 users have been used for developing the test.

The main innovation of MEIT is the fact that there is not just a questionnaire but it is an ability test where the user must find out what emotion is presented and locate their emotions in terms of activation and pleasure. MEIT combines static pictures and animations that provide greater realism and entertainment.

After completing the test, users get a score and a rating that allow them to self-assess their Emotional Intelligence and compare it to other users. Finally, MEIT also allows users to share test results on Facebook.

PicFeel. A World of Feelings.

The first social network to share and locate emotions through pictures. Soon in apps stores!, but why do not take a look at our facebook page?, sure you will enjoy it!

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